EDULCOD Togo is a non-profit organization aiming at giving equal chances of education to high achieving low-income (HALI) students; building a new dynamic and standing out generation of future leaders of Togo and Africa.

These are what we believe in

  • Education

We believe education is the greatest canal of bringing change to our communities by empowering every individual.

  • Leadership and Innovation

Training future leaders who could think differently and generate new ideas is one of our preoccupation.

  • Passion

We have a strong passion for the development of Africa in general and Togo in particular through a personal and active commitment.

  • Teamwork and Network

Together we could build a strong world full of joy and satisfaction. We believe that two put together are worth stronger than one

  • Equality and Mutual respect
  • Openness and justice

We value openness and justice which allow us to learn from everyone and to maintain a trustful and peaceful environment.

  • Excellence

We always aim at going beyond the traditional boundaries of achievements.

  • Change

We believe that everything is possible if there is a will and determination

  • Diversity

We respect the beliefs and cultures of others. We create an environment where everyone feels at home beyond the differences.

  • Curiosity

We are always eager to discover new ideas, new ways and strategies to impact other
young learners and communities.