Volunteers are needed at EDULCOD Togo. Without volunteers’ contribution we could not achieve our goals. We appreciate the involvement of volunteers to help us attain our vision. Please, kindly reach out to us if you want to support our efforts and sacrifices for the future generation.

Partner with EDULCOD Togo

We are looking for partners who believe in the future and the potential of the youth to impact and bring change in their communities. If you are passionate about giving equal opportunities to HALI students, if you believe in the power of education, EDULCOD Togo is looking for your collaboration and assistance.


We rely on the generosity of everyone to continue making the big difference in our communities and in the lives of the high achieving low-income students. By donating, you are giving a chance to a brilliant kid from an underprivileged area who might stay at home to
have access to education like his peers. Every assistance makes the difference in the lives of our kids.

  • Donate now
  • Become our partner
  • Send a resource/material (Secondary school and university level)
  • Offer an internship or a scholarship
  • Sponsor an outstanding but low income student we are working with.
  • Give a training (online or in person)
  • We are also welcoming educational pennants, etc… To make a representation in our office and in our country Togo.