Community Services

At Kara Teaching Hospital

Four schools participated in the activity, namely Lycée Kara Tomdè, Lycée Scientifique de Kara, Collège Hel Nour, Lycée Kara Sud, Lycée Kara I and Collège Adèle. The purpose of this activity is to develop in our students, members of Edulcod Togo and future leaders social
engagement skills. In fact, through their presence at this hospital, they have noticed all the challenges the hospital is facing in terms of infrastructure on the one hand. On the other hand, they have learned the importance of assisting needy people due to all the patients they have come across in that hospital. As a result, all participants have expressed their happiness for having contributed in this way to give a better environment to the patients in this hospital.
They have promised to organize other activities in the coming days.

At Radio Kara

HALI students went to clean some parts in one of the national radio of the country.

English Speech Contest

This activity focuses on the capacity of the contestant to produce and deliver a speech before an audience. Knowing that English is a worldwide language, Edulcod Togo organizes this contest to help the participants who are mainly English language learners to develop their skills of public speaking. This activity helps to kill shyness and spark emulation and competition among our HALI students. Moreover, it enables participants to create and
organize their thoughts on a topic of their choice: social or educational, sustain it with sparkling arguments in order to convince the audience. This is one of the tremendous steps of

English Speech Contest Year 2016

English Speech Contest Year 2017

English Speech Contest Year 2018

English Language Day

Students from different schools and various levels are gathered around some entertaining,funny and creative activities such as public speaking, choreography, skits, poems, TedTalks,and songs. The main tool throughout these above mentioned activities is the English language.Edulcod Togo believes these activities will enhance the participants’ motivation, engagement,and capacity of using the English language in any situation.

Philanthropic Actions

HALI students encouraged and sensitized their classmates of other students to save 50 or 100 francs for a donation to the pediatrics in their area.