Summer Camps for HALI Students

Our summer camps are held in late July or early September according to the academic year schedule. Participants come to learn about the scholarships opportunities available to them, university application process, leadership and community engagement, English language, and international tests.

Socratic Seminar

Socratic seminars are organized every term in every region of the country.

The Togo National Youth Engagement Magazine (TONAYEM) Writers’ Workshop.

This magazine includes the best writings of high school students. The writings in the magazine are dealing with community problems and solutions, interesting places to visit in Togo or in Africa, what young people think about Africa’s future, young learners’ dream, and advice from resourceful local and international volunteers.

The students whose writings are selected are given the opportunity to come together for a workshop to hone their skills about writing in general and writings for publications in particular.

The IT Camp

To permit an education of quality, EDULCOD Togo actively works to introduce the HALI students to digital learning.

Our national magazine TONAYEM