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We believe education is vital and that every kid has the right to receive a good education. We are aiming at providing educational opportunities to high-achieving and motivated students to pursue higher education

Who we are
EDULCOD Togo is a community-based organization registered in Togo under 0621/MATDCL-SG-DLPAP-DOCA as a nonprofit organization. We are working to create access to education of quality and build an upstanding generation of future life changers. We support high achieving students coming from under deserved areas where access to higher education is a big hurdle. Our work areas are Education, Gender, Leadership and Entrepreneurship, and Community Engagement.

Support high scoring students in their transition to higher education with scholarships, equip teachers with tools and best practices for an education of exemplary quality by introducing the digital world, empower girls for sustainable development.


To increase access to education, and improve the teaching and learning quality in Togo.

Our Core Values
Education,Leadership and Innovation,Change,Curiosity,Passion,
Excellence,Diversity,Passion,Teamwork and Network
Our Team
Arsène Mabadjam Katawa
Arsène Mabadjam Katawa
Scholars Access Program Manager

Anne Yéna Kalegora

Director of Finances
General Secretary
Elvira Ayawa Agbatsi

Girls’ Empowerment Program Assistant

Koffi Kpangla
Outreach and Recruitment Program Manager
Makafui Hortense Amouzouvi
Girls’ Empowerment Program Manager
Essosolim Apollinaire Abi
STEM Program Manager
Essi Catherine Logan
Mentorship and Alumni Program Manager
URGENT CAUSE Secondary School Girls’ Empowerment Summit for Sustainable Development

January 15-16, 2021

This project aims at empowering more than 100 secondary schools girls coming from three regions of Togo where girls’ education is a true challenge. The three regions located in northern Togo are the places where the education of girls is suffering. Our goal is to empower girls for sustainable development. Our core objectives are to endow these adolescent girls with tools they can use to fight for their autonomy, explore educational opportunities for girls, raise girls’ awareness on their hidden skills, and help them unleash their leadership potential. We believe that if girls are given equal chances as far as education is concerned, they will be able to support their families, take care of their children, and change the world. With this project, we also envision to boost girls’ access to higher education through sessions on university applications.


Create access to education of quality to build an upstanding generation of future life changers