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EDULCOD Togo is a non-profit organization aiming at giving equal chances of education to high achieving low-income (HALI) students; building a new dynamic and standing out generation of future leaders of Togo and Africa.


We believe education is the greatest canal of bringing change to our communities by empowering every individual..

Openness and justice

We value openness and justice which allow us to learn from everyone and to maintain a trustful and peaceful environment..

Leadership and Innovation

Training future leaders who could think differently and generate new ideas is one of our preoccupation.


We always aim at going beyond the traditional boundaries of achievements.


We have a strong passion for the development of Africa in general and Togo in particular through a personal and active commitment..

We believe that everything is possible if there is a will and determination
Teamwork and Network

Together we could build a strong world full of joy and satisfaction. We believe that two put together are worth stronger than one.


We respect the beliefs and cultures of others. We create an environment where everyone feels at home beyond the differences..

Who We Are
“Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country”,

John F. Kennedy

Our Mission
Bring to HALI Students in Togo the opportunities to access higher education; help young learners unleash their leadership potential through an education of quality and community engagement..
Our Core Volues
Education,Leadership and Innovation,Passion,Teamwork and Network,Equality and Mutual respect,Openness and justice,Excellence,Change,Diversity,Curiosity
We are always eager to discover new ideas, new ways and strategies to impact otheryoung learners and communities..
Our Vision
Build strong and well-bred leaders of Africa capable of bringing their input to their communities and to the continent’s development.
Team Members
Arsène Mabadjam Katawa
Founder and CEO
Scholars Access Program Manager
Creative Coordinator
Elvira Ayawa Agbatsi
Girls’ Empowerment Program Manager
TV News Reporter
Koffi Kpangla
Executive Director
Senior News Editor
Basséssim Awilaki
Outreach and Recruitment Program Manager
Online Journalist
Mme Pawoumondom WELLA
Girls’ Empowerment Program Manager Assistant
Creative Coordinator
Eric Vassi
Leadership and Entrepreneurship Program Manager
TV News Reporter
Anne Kalegora
Director of Finances
TV News Reporter

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