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EDULCOD Togo is a community-based organization registered in Togo under 0621/MATDCL-SG-DLPAP-DOCA as a nonprofit organization. We are working to build a new dynamic and upstanding generation of future leaders of Togo by promoting education of quality. We support high achieving students coming from under deserved areas where access to higher education is a big hurdle. Our work areas are Education, Gender, Leadership and Entrepreneurship, and Community Engagement

Our Approach

To achieve our goals, we organize a series of trainings for teachers to share best practices. We support students who do not have the opportunity to attend school; mainly high achieving students who do not have the chance to access higher education due to lack of financial support. We provide students with scholarship opportunities information and help them to get financial scholarships by teaching them how to navigate the university applications successfully.


Mission and Vision

Support high scoring students in their transition to higher education with scholarships, equip teachers with tools and best practices for an education of exemplary quality by introducing the digital world, empower girls for sustainable development. Provide under resourced students with school supplies and school fees to access education.  Help young learners unleash their leadership potential through education of quality, entrepreneurship, and community engagement.


Our Impact/results

EDULCOD Togo is proud to have supported successfully twenty scholars in four years; admitted to different universities and programs on full scholarships. Our university access program has supported more than one thousand students; providing them university application information. Five hundred students have been trained on leadership, entrepreneurship, and community engagement.To increase the learning quality, we have brought a container of twenty-two thousand books to equip schools and libraries

We believe the education of quality is the greatest canal of bringing change in our communities. To do so every individual should be empowered.
Leadership and Innovation
Training future leaders who could think differently and generate new ideas is one of our preoccupations.
We have a strong passion for the development of Africa in general and Togo in particular through a personal and active commitment.
Teamwork and Network
Together we could build a strong world full of joy and satisfaction. We believe that two heads put together are worth stronger than one.
Equality and Mutual respect
We aim at going beyond the traditional boundaries of achievements.
Openness and justice
We value openness and justice which allow us to learn from everyone and to maintain a trustful and peaceful environment.
Humans supporting humans in hopes that each will gain knowledge and access to Higher Education opportunities anywhere in the world.
We believe that everything is possible if there are will and determination

Your Time & Support Can Make a Real Difference in our Student’s Lives

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