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National Summer Camp for the Highly Talented Students in Togo

1. Scholarships and exchange programs opportunities 2. Applications to the universities (in US, UK, Canada, Asia etc.) 3. Writing strong application essays 4. Socratic Seminar 5. English Language Learning 6.Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Community engagement 7. Talent Show 8. Mentorship

Aegp2020- Concours d’innovation en énergie santé agroalimentaire

Top départ! L’Africa Energy Generation Prize #AEGP2020 est officiellement ouvert ! Quelques nouveautés cette année : ✅ Deux nouvelles thématiques ! Les projets innovants peuvent s’inscrire désormais dans 3 secteurs: l’énergie, l’agroalimentaire et la santé! Les projets proposés devront promouvoir, dans ces secteurs, l’accès aux services essentiels au plus grand […]


Y'a t-il un artiste membre du programme culturel El SAMOURAÏ qui ne sait pas chanter sur les différentes gammes de musique ici ? Si oui, écrivez "JE VAIS ME FORMER MAINTENANT " et nous allons vous surprendre avec une proposition qui fera votre fierté d'avoir découvert El SAMOURAÏ et d'avoir […]

Getting a medical mask

is good but knowing how to wear it is very important. Learn about how to wear medical masks safely. Protect yourself and others from the spread of COVID-19

We are very proud of you Emmanuel. Keep it up there.

The launching ceremony of the distribution of twenty thousand books organized by #EDULCODTogo and #AJATogo was held yesterday, March 3, 2020, at College Don Bosco de Kara. Political, administrative, religious, and traditional authorities, librarians, students, and friends enjoyed attending this successful and unique event. We were honored to see among […]

We can’t believe our dream

has come true. A few weeks ago, #EDULCODTogo and #AJATogo two nonprofit organizations operating in Togo received a 40-feet container full of twenty thousand books (half French, half English) from #BooksForAfrica. It took us a lot of time and sacrifices to make it but we are elated about it today. […]

Start your application

Start your application if you didn't. If you need more information, our YYAS 2019 alumni will be running their second informative session on Wednesday, February 5, 2020 at 3pm at Lycée Kara Tomdè. You will learn about the application process, tips for a successful application, the content of the program, […]

selection to join

Congratulations Charles on your selection to join UWC Robert Bosch in Germany. EDULCOD Togo is proud of you. Keep up the good work.

We wish you Good Luck

Congratulations, Justin. We wish you Good Luck on your way to UWC East Africa in Tanzania. Keep up the good work.

Very proud of our scholar

Very proud of our scholar Walter-Job selected to join the #AfricanLeadershipAcademy in South Africa on a full scholarship. Congratulations.


Pre-activities Entertaining activities in the orphanage at SOS Kara Outstanding students with whom EDULCOD Togo is working organized some donations and entertaining activities for hundred orphans of SOS Kara. These students saved their pocket money to buy soap, sugar and milk to support the orphans. In addition they gave free […]

Great Voices About the ALA Build-In-A-Box Program In Togo

  «Après avoir appris le ‘’BUILD process’’, je crois que la responsabilité m’incombe d’apporter du changement à ma communauté. »  NEGLO Afi Nelly J’ai été richement instruite par ce camp sur le leadership entrepreneurial organisé par African Leadership Academy (ALA), en partenariat avec EDULCOD- TOGO. Bien avant ce camp, j’étais cette […]